In order to further implement the most stringent water management system work arrangements, in January 16th, the municipal government invited the Qinghai Provincial Water Conservancy Department of water resources director, senior engineer Liu Xining for the city departments and units for "the most strict water resources management seminar". In the lecture, Liu Xining with his profound professional knowledge, introduces the current grim situation of the country and the city water resources system, expounds the necessity of strengthening the management of water resources, in-depth analysis of the connotation of the strictest water resources management system in China, starting from grasping three links, the key point of the establishment of the total amount of water, water use efficiency, the total amount of sewage into rivers and lakes "three line" four systems were explained, on the framework of a comprehensive and systematic understanding of the most strict water resources management system and implementation provide a good theoretical basis for the most stringent water management system, specified direction. After the lecture, all units and departments have said, will combine the special counseling lectures in the future work, focus on promoting the six changes, accurately grasp the goals and tasks of current water resources management work, further emancipate the mind, broaden their thinking, planning from a high starting point, the implementation of the most stringent in practice the work of water resources management system.  

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