In recent years, with the rapid development of economy and society in our city, the number of motor vehicles is increasing, and the difficulty of parking has become the focus of attention of the whole society. In order to further rationalize the parking lot management mechanism, strengthen the standardized management of the parking lot, municipal Party committee and government attach great importance to the convening of a special meeting to study the deployment. The morning of May 4th, accompanied by Vice Mayor Xu Guocheng, in traffic planning, traffic police, the NDRC and other relevant departments of the staff, I went to the city forest landscape Jiayuan district and other places, I focus on research issues related to parking fees, management norms, field. Xu Guocheng requirements, departments should be more pragmatic and feasible methods for the city to create a more secure and convenient parking environment.It is reported that for

, completely solve the city of Xining through the company and the Qinghai Xinhao Parking Management Limited "escrow" business model caused by parking problems, municipal government formulated a series of practical measures. First, a comprehensive verification of all types of parking conditions, after investigation, a total of 702 types of parking lot in the city, the city can provide parking spaces for the 66309. Two is the establishment of specialized management agencies, the establishment of the city’s parking lot management office, responsible for the city ground parking lot (point) planning and construction, the establishment of examination and approval, standardize management, supervision and evaluation of specific administrative work. At the same time, the establishment of Xining city road public temporary parking point management center, responsible for the city’s urban roads temporary parking point specific management and service support. Three is the closed loop road outside the temporary parking concession, Xining city municipal government awarded back through the company Luneilu temporary parking concession, instructed Xining city through the company responsible for the abolition of temporary parking spaces signed with Qinghai Xinhao Parking Management Limited management rights transfer agreement, four district government responsible for the signing and terminated at the same time the parking management agreement, will be 115 parking spots of its business by the municipal parking lot management office unified arrangements of all transferred to Xining city public road temporary parking management center responsible for the operation, operating income included in the municipal financial lieshouliezhi, all for the construction of the city’s parking lot. At present, 115 road public temporary parking Qinghai Xinhao parking services company operating and business by the city of Xining city road public temporary parking lot management center to take full control of. Four is the implementation of classification, classification, hierarchical management, residential parking lot management by the district responsible, into the community grid management mode of supervision; large professional parking lot by the city Department of transportation is responsible for the approval and management; city Luneilu public parking lot (point) by the municipal parking lot management office unified arrangements, by the city of Xining city road public temporary parking management center over the operation; city and underground parking lot according to three-dimensional business management practices, with the lead, Industrial and Commercial Bureau city traffic bureau, city tax department, set up accounts and improve the relevant procedures, and standardize the management. Five is to adjust the standard parking fees. In accordance with the guidance, the center is higher than that of the edge, the ground above the ground floor, the road above the road and the time step charging principle, improve the parking lot fee system. Six is the study of the development of the "Xining parking management master plan", "Xining parking management implementation details;

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