first_img(WBNG) — National Public Health Week comes around once every year, but officials at the Broome County Health Department say this is no normal year. They say with the Covid-19 crisis in full swing the Clinics Division has taken an all hands on deck approach to work toward stopping the spread. This means working to track the movements of individuals who may have been exposed to the disease. “We’ve pulled in staff members from different divisions bringing them up to speed to be able to help support our response,” said Susan Medina, Director of Clinics at the Broome County Heath Department. “We identify cases that are positive, they investigate that and identify any close contacts,” Medina said. “Then we can set them up and contact them and explain what quarantine means and what that will mean for them.” “We had to be vigilant in responding to the ever evolving situation and the information and guidance and making sure we deployed that guidance to the public as we needed to,” she said. “we look at the community as our patient so we really have to have that broad spectrum approach to stop the spread.” “We’re all trying to do what’s right for the community and we are all change agents,” she said “We just need people to stick together, while staying apart.” Acting Deputy Director Mary McFadden says this means sometimes dealing with information that is changing by the minute. In an ever changing and ever evolving pandemic McFadden says the Health Department has one request for the public that they serve every day: last_img

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