if you have a high paying job in a big city, will you quit your job and go home to raise chickens? If you are a college graduate, although it is the intention of their own business, but you will choose to raise chickens? In this paper, the hero Huang Haiyu chose this path. In 2013, Huang Haiyu quit high paying jobs to return home entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial period suffered setbacks, finally with his tenacity, eventually realize their ideals, their entrepreneurial success. Today, his ecological breeding base with an annual output of three yellow beard chickens in more than 60 thousand, annual sales of about 6000000 yuan last year.

"Internet plus chicken" to create rich

came to the Kang surplus agricultural cooperatives chicken base. Looking ahead, tens of thousands of chickens in the mountains of free peck. About the first stirrings of home business ideas, Huang Haiyu said, the unique appearance in Sanhuang chicken meat, meat bone fine good and has a beard and the notorious shjn. In a purple "do not eat chicken is good in Sanhuang, Yi Zhen", so in 2014 he will look into the fathers in the cause of the chicken, and bold innovation, the development of the road out of a farm + farmers + internet.

Huang Haiyu university read the professional building, after graduating from college in 2010, he and his wife have a high salary, a decent job in Shenzhen, but every day of entertainment, so he was very tired, so he had the idea of entrepreneurship, in 2013 to discuss with the family, the couple decided to return home to carry out entrepreneurial vegetable planting. Subsequently, he leased more than and 100 acres of land, set up a vegetable shed of more than and 30 acres, opened his entrepreneurial journey. However, the weather is unpredictable, in the vegetable base construction has just started, did not want to encounter the typhoon disaster, in addition to the market price of vegetables in anticipation that he was not allowed, the loss of about 700000 yuan, the first venture was a failure.

‘s first venture failed, Huang Haiyu was not discouraged, and later founded the comwin agricultural cooperatives annual output of Sanhuang chicken reached more than 60 thousand, with annual sales of about 6000000 yuan, with 18 "Kang Ying agricultural · good sense of Sanhuang chicken store, have a stable relationship with 23 luxury hotels, hotel, business located in Heyuan, Huizhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, also set up a" chicken "platform independent electricity supplier, specializing in selling cooperatives raised a good sense of Sanhuang chicken.

led poor households out of poverty to become rich

one side of the water, Hao Yi Zhen unique soil and geographical environment, sweet water and thousands of years of heritage of the chicken breeds, make good sense of Sanhuang beard without fishy smell of chicken meat, yellow mouth, yellow, yellow feet, fleshy, hard enough toughness, fragrant and sweet, chicken flavor Sanhuang chicken has become an agricultural name card of the town, the town of Sanhuang chicken farming to declare the success of professional town.


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