spring and autumn season, because the temperature is more comfortable, although the store business will not fire, but it will not be much affected. However, winter and summer is different. No matter what season, due to the impact of temperature, business will be affected. The sun, hot weather, summer sales as the weather changes in temperature, how to do better in the summer sales, this is the retail people have to consider the issue. I believe we will find their own selling points, can be found to increase the value of space, so that sales performance optimization, so that the maximum profit.

summer best selling item is to cool hot commodities, such as watermelon, ice cream, frozen drinks, frozen beer and so on, these are the summer selling merchandise, but also want to do the selling goods owner take a little better. The following is the author of the summer business experience, brought to share with everyone.

watermelon can be heat, Chufan thirst, hot day in case of mouth parched and tongue scorched eating a piece of sweet sand, of water melon, what a cool ah. This is one of the reasons why watermelon is hotter in the weather. In previous years, the author is placed in the watermelon fruit sales in the cabinet, cabinet put the limited capacity of a few fruit watermelon, may be Duitou enough momentum, total sales is not very good feeling.

this year the author of a change in the style of display cabinet put the fruit down, put a watermelon with foot tricycle, every day new back with a car of fresh watermelon, and then with a car of watermelon tricycle in front of the shop to the most suitable position. If it is near the customer to buy watermelon, as long as the customer has asked to help the watermelon frozen for a while, I will readily agree to provide them with free frozen service. For some time down, the author of this year’s sales of watermelon and contrast in previous years, is really a lot of sales to improve it.

One of the

ice cream is an indispensable summer goods, because the store sells the perennial Boiled dumplings, two years ago to the store bought a 1.5 m long, 1 meters wide display cabinet freezer. Whenever summer comes, I will reduce the size of the area in the freezer in the freezer, the ice cream occupies 2/3 of the area of the freezer. Into the high, medium and low-grade ice cream, classified set.

in the freezer and put ice cream also has the skill, cleverly placed to make ice cream freezer rules and order, which allows the freezer room to get better use, also can let the customer not turn chaos when buying ice cream ice cream. Customers in the purchase of ice cream at a glance, not only will be in a good mood, but also to avoid customers turn over the ice cream until the ice cream flip bring extra losses.

customers in the purchase of ice cream more cases, the author will give the customer some appropriate concessions, such as the purchase of 10 ice cream, I will take the initiative to send a snow

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