first_imgAfter nearly 3o years, Donna The Buffalo has seen an entire generation of fans grow up dancing to their music. Their mix of rock and roll, bluegrass and Americana has won them a nationwide fanbase of devoted followers, affectionately known as The Herd. Those same fans recently showed how quick they are to circle the wagons and help out their idols when needed.When DTB’s beloved tour bus gave up the ghost recently, a GoFundMe raised over $90,000 to help get the band a new one, in just three weeks! We caught up with the band in Orlando. FL to talk about the new bus, the upheaval in American politics and their record setting upcoming 41st appearance at the Spirit Of The Suwannee Music Park.In the first half of our interview, we focused on their love of Suwannee and the artists and fans who make it a symbiotic love fest. Guitarist Jeb Puryear and multi-instrumentalist Tara Nevins tell tales of late night hijinks and the ways to plan jam sessions on the fly as they prepare for the upcoming Suwannee Family Reunion. Feel the love in the clip below.Even Donna The Buffalo could not escape the specter of the new president and the atmosphere of insanity that has surrounded the new administration. Musicians are just as dismayed as the rest of the nation, though they do manage to find some hope in the situation. Check out their thoughts in the video below:Donna The Buffalo didn’t manage to last nearly three decades without weathering some crazy storms, literal and metaphorical, along the way. While no one can say what the future will bring, it does seem that whatever life throws at the band, the will carry on. Lucky for them, when the road gets a little bumpy they have an army of supporters ready to make sure the band can keep riding into town to make the music that helps make even the scariest of times just a bit better.last_img

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