in today’s era, Pakistan pot spicy taste characteristics, main delicious taste, now popular with consumers for Pakistan, spicy pot continue to praise, many entrepreneurs have joined the country’s spicy pot is very interested, so, what is the spicy pot to Pakistan win entrepreneurs and consumers?

in order to achieve the "Ba Chinese chicken pot" happy incense pot to every corner of the country, the company adopts the advanced management mode of agent, the spirit of "integrity innovation, customer, service first, the principle of development and create a win-win", invite more heart strength franchisee to act together, common development. And to create a twenty-four – hour support platform, at any time to join operators to provide a variety of business solutions. To rely on "Ba Chinese chicken pot" deep enterprise culture, and the quality of food quality, scientific management, standardized operation procedures, so that each stores and outlets are hot opening and sustainable development.

BA Xiang spicy pot

Chongqing chicken chicken pot core seasoning from the folk and the market, while collecting folk diet formula, extraction of 48 Chinese herbal medicine, spicy and dry. 30 kinds of special spices, Bo public long, its own essence, thick, soft, fresh and pure taste of the food or whole plant oil, truly fresh taste, do not get angry, north-south through the ages characteristics of spicy chicken soup, spicy dry pot pot series, series and so on.

Pakistan spicy pot dishes: a lot of Pakistan’s spicy chicken soup, Chongqing Roasted Chicken public, Chongqing chickenhotpot, Chongqing Liangshan chicken, Pakistan Pakistan pot, Peru Chicken in Brown Sauce Fried Shrimps in Hot and Spicy Sauce, Pakistan, Pakistan pot bullfrog spicy ribs, spicy squid, Pakistan Pakistan spicy pig’s trotters Pakistan, spicy goose wings, Pakistan fragrance beef, boiled fish, boiled loach consumption son rake and so on.

as authentic authentic cuisine, spicy spicy pot in the market to create a new business opportunities, and now the country has won a lot of people love spicy pot in the market has been recognized by businesses and authorities.

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