first_img Gavel Gamut by Jim RedwineSIR RODNEY OF WADESVILLEThat’s what we at the Posey Circuit Court call our Chief Probation Officer, Rodney Fetcher. Rodney started with the court in October 1988. Rodney is the true and perfect Factotum. He can do and is willing to do any needed task at the court. His official duties are to oversee our Posey County Probation Department with its total of six probation officers who counsel probationers, prepare pre-sentencing reports for the judges and administer drug-tests.Rodney is also responsible for administering the intra and interstate probationer transfer functions for Posey County. In the real world of small, rural courts Rodney prepares budgets and reports, he installs and fixes court computers and video and audio technology. He makes movies and moves furniture. He rearranges offices and helps with juries. The list is endless. Suffice it to say the courts of Posey County would not function nearly as well if Rodney did not function as well as he does.In his role as Chief Probation Officer Rodney’s main duty is to supervises those who supervise people placed on probation by Posey County’s judges. But Rodney does have a life beyond the courts. He has one son and two grandchildren. He has been a sports official for thirty-four years. From tee ball to semi-professional football Rodney serves as a referee and umpire for the sports of football, baseball, basketball and softball. Just last month he umpired the National Softball Association’s Girls Class B World Series which was held in Evansville, Indiana. Rodney also serves as a member of the Posey County Correction Board and was the Director of the Posey County Group Home for Boys for many years.Rodney is one of those unusual people who remembers virtually every probationer he has ever supervised. He calls them by their first names and takes a real interest in their success. From restitution to drug testing to work crews, from counseling to back-sliding, Rodney’s unique character aids Posey County’s citizens who have fallen short to get back on their feet.Of course, he and his fellow probation officers do not save everyone. However, in our small county everyone they do save makes a significant improvement in the lives of the probationers and their victims while our whole county is safer and happier due to Rodney and his department’s efforts.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img

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