said that although women are now in the market also has a lot of achievements, however, because of some special gender positioning of the family, work, leading to female entrepreneurship market actually will also have a lot of "discrimination", female entrepreneurs success is very little. However, in this paper, the successful entrepreneur Chen Qiannan with his own efforts, the successful creation of the !

youthful beautiful appearance, exquisite fashion makeup, look at the appearance, it is difficult to Chen Qiannan and Columbia University, master of communication, the United Nations, the world’s top 500 companies work experience and so on the background. Today, Chen Qiannan is the latest identity of the Hangzhou Technology Co., Ltd., the company’s business travel management system – "flying" project founder and company CEO.

was formally established in May 2016, less than a month has been recognized by the government to become the Hangzhou hi tech Zone 5050 project. In November of the same year, the acquisition of millions of dollars of Angel angel investment. Flight BA developed a set of SaaS (the name is software operation) system, "inside ERP system" and "ticketing company of business travel management system" will open up across the board, TMC (TMC English abbreviation) travel advanced management methods, in the form of SaaS into the enterprise, so that enterprises have personalized travel information platform of their own, in order to achieve the five major functional modules: booking, approval, payment, reimbursement, data.

domestic travel management lag

stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm

domestic female entrepreneurs accounted for relatively low, especially in the field of SaaS business women are less and less. The reason why Chen Qiannan will have the idea of entrepreneurship in the field, and her previous business experience inseparable. At that time, Chen Qiannan is still a domestic institutions to work, once a business trip back to Beijing, reimbursement of high-speed rail ticket experience let her amazing.

because of their negligence, reimbursement process time, during which there are many questions and inquiries, money really is reimbursed after 7 months. Before comparing her work in the United States, the United States companies will use TMC tickets, hotels, cars and other businesses to get the same experience at the same time, the domestic inefficient travel management makes it difficult for her to accept.

can be identified in advance all aspects of travel, travel costs do not need to advance the staff, eliminating the complex reimbursement process, this is the right process." Chen Qiannan said, in the United States, TMC has a very market, almost every company has signed a travel management company, will be a one-stop business trip to get through."

and in the country, TMC is a strange and fresh vocabulary, although it has a huge market of nearly 30000 billion, the domestic poor recommend

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