in the retail business process, it should be a lot of people know that customers can not be recovered from the goods, after all, the quality of these products can not be guaranteed, may have a negative impact on the operation of the store. Indeed, if it is like alcohol and tobacco, not only may be disadvantageous, there may be in violation of the relevant regulations. However, if it is a general gift, there seems to be no such restriction.

every time after the festival, retail customers often encounter some customers put their own "digestion" gift to the store "discount", and some shopkeepers are also very happy to receive such a customer, do business, because it has received over the gift price than the normal purchase price is much lower, from you can get a lot of benefits; others are due to the customer’s face was forced to recovery of customer gifts. And most of the recovery of the store owner believes that this behavior does not violate the law does not violate the law, as a retail Household what do you think of the behavior of the recovery of gifts? Retailers should not be recycled gifts?

as a retail shop owner, I think others have a request, as long as we have the ability of the owner must help. Sometimes, when some customers at home because people can not afford to send gifts to worry about, as long as the quality of goods is guaranteed, without affecting the two sales, I am willing to help them. This is not a small old sick, elderly relatives and friends sent a lot of boxes of Mengniu milk, two old people is to drink more than shelf life also cannot drink! Later, when the old man took the milk to the trouble to tell me, of course I gave him.

so, if you encounter such a thing, we can not beat a stick, but also the specific needs of specific treatment, the need to combine the commodity itself. I think: to help customers solve the surplus goods (goods), help others at the same time, they also get deserved benefits, this is a win-win thing, as the owner of the shop, we Why not??

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