market industry prospects, many entrepreneurs choose the Taobao business, this industry investment cost is small, now with the development of the times, become the choice of business advantages, but the face of huge pressure of competition now exists in the industry, entrepreneurs want to succeed in business, need to do poineering preparation.

one, choose a small competition, high-value goods

choose what kind of goods, this is a problem for Taobao entrepreneurs must first face, not recommended to do big and complete, but small and fine, it must be the future development trend of the electricity supplier, division of labor is getting smaller, more specifically, only do, in order to achieve the ultimate. In addition to do high-value goods, customer price is high, the profit is high, the money will be more, you can go to Taobao to see, take some time to compare.

two, familiar with Taobao shop process


, Taobao shop is mainly divided into four steps, which need not be detailed here, online search, can appear a lot. The first step: second steps to register the Taobao member: Taobao real name authentication for the third step: Download Taobao assistant and the company’s data package in the fourth step: the use of Taobao assistant shop and upload goods

three, prepare a camera, learn simple image processing.

treatment for baby pictures is also very important, if directly from the Internet copy, not only the same picture is not new, there are other buyers may be suspected of so many complaints, the owner will hire a professional photographer to take pictures, in fact just opened shop owner, pictures of the requirements are not so high, if you have a camera, capable of handling simple PS images, can reduce the cost.

four, supply problems

after the funds are looking for sources, here are several aspects. First of all, it is best to have their own acquaintances is engaged in the wholesale or marketing department so that you should not be the source of the problem. Secondly。 If you do not have the natural advantage of the first article, it is best to do their own familiar products, to the local wholesale market around, looking for cheaper than three wholesalers. Finally, no resources around oneself, there is no proper supply of goods, can be considered to find agents on the Internet, you can also find wholesalers from Alibaba such wholesale website, but must pay attention to the review, not deceived.


venture choose to shop in Taobao, Taobao stores in the face of many entrepreneurs, shop early in the business, we must do the preparatory work, ready to better respond to customer needs, so that we can operate more advantages, small hope that through the introduction of the above, entrepreneurs can better entrepreneurship when the shop. Recommended

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