in many cases, the second-hand housing has become one of the standard that people buy houses, in order to change to allow more people to pay attention to the property market, Tianjin city launched a second-hand housing transactions rectification planning, hoping to make intense second-hand housing market into a normal state, to attract people to come to buy.

under the new regulatory approach, the city land resources and housing authority is the city’s stock of housing transactions funds regulatory authorities. City real estate transaction fund supervision center and the Binhai New Area Housing Management Center is the city’s stock of housing transactions funds regulatory bodies. Among them, the city real estate trading center is responsible for the supervision and control of funds, in addition to area of Binhai New Area outside the housing stock transaction fund supervision work; responsible for the Binhai New Area Housing stock transaction fund supervision work of Binhai New Area housing management center.

according to the new regulations, the buyer paid Fangjiakuan to bank loans, should adopt capital regulation, bank loans should be deposited in bank deposit and the first payment, the first payment will be the first payment and bank deposit loans to the escrow account. The buyer does not need loans to pay Fangjiekuan, both parties choose to accept the financial supervision services, except for the seller to repay bank loans, the cancellation of registration of mortgage can use part of the funds supervision, financial supervision mode should be used in .

part of the use of capital supervision, the transaction should be signed by the parties to be included in the financial regulatory services confirmation letter, the amount of funds for the supervision of bank loans to repay the loan price reduction.

buyers do not need to pay the price of loans, the parties choose to give up the transaction of financial regulatory services, should be signed voluntarily give up the financial regulatory services confirmation.

where part of the signing of the funds into the regulatory services or voluntarily give up the financial regulatory services confirmation letter, the two sides of the transaction is not included in the supervision of the funds to bear the corresponding financial risk and legal liability. The seller agent for Fangjiekuan, and the agent shall be to the stock of housing sale agreement signed signed a letter of authorization, except by authorization of notarization.

has the clear provisions of the law, I believe that in the future, Tianjin second-hand housing market is in a stable state, and the second-hand housing transactions funds transparent, so that people get a better grasp of the funds, the second-hand housing market has shown a steady state of the transaction.

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