said the US counterparts, there is often a bitter enemy as, indeed, peer is the enemy, since ancient times, popular. Peer is a friend, I personally think it can be understood as a two. The adjacent two stores if you encounter a conflict of interest will inevitably cause misunderstanding and conflicts, if the owner is narrow-minded, inevitably mutual slander, Former friends become enemies with each other.

for our retail colleagues in the usual business, adjacent to the store will inevitably occur in this or that conflict. As the saying goes: "better than distant neighbors, encountered a conflict of interest, we might as well be a step back to three points as boundless as the sea and sky, in a calm mood, we may wish to think about the good things, when we encounter any difficulties, the most timely appear in front of us neighbors.

I like the

store have customers to buy 40 yuan a bottle of wine Shuang’gou recently asked me 35 yuan sell, I answer not to sell, because of the recent wine has a price is 35 yuan, before you can sell this price to sell, now there is no profit, when a customer to go to the next shop this, the price to buy a bottle, after I passed the shop, asked her wine price, she said is to sell 35 yuan, I said it has been the price of wine, and then follow the old price before the selling has no profit.

we retail business is not easy, every day from dawn to dusk stay up very late, is to be able to earn more money, if we in the goods price profit without the sales, then we will be busy, why bother neighbors, The loss outweighs the gain., the boss listened to me, saying, we will a unified price, I am ready to close the door at night to ask you to store it, now, after the problems we need to communicate, to strive to maximize their profits, so we work hard is worth it!

If there is no competition between

peers, there is no communication, which will help a little business, the development of the market does not help. So I think the peer is the enemy is not desirable, we should get along with peers will become friends, friends will do business is of sound and colour, flavor!

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