we all know to eat Western food, if you do not know some western etiquette is very easy to make a joke, and eat most Western food is to eat steak, Western food has a lot of attention, especially western food ingredients. Don’t look so on the food on the table only a little bit, are carefully selected by kitchen cook. Do you know how to classify western style steak?

Sirloin Steak (SIRLOIN): also called sirloin steak, refers to fresh meat and oil tender beef ribs, basically from the cattle back along the most tender beef, the specific location of different flavor, also each one has its own merits. Comparison of authentic sirloin from lumbar loin, but special varieties such as New York, is the frontal tenderloin from the similar philip. Sirloin steak meat is tender and sweet and juicy, rich in taste, by a preference for entry-level steak. Recommended heat: four to six minutes cooked.

(FILLET): also known as filet steak tender beef tenderloin (TENDERLOIN), derived from bovine muscle (i.e., waist meat), the amount of exercise, and the most tender meat thin, less fat, because each cow is a small "What’s rare is precious.". Good taste but no chewing head, and the head cook becomes old astringent, therefore recommended to the mouth is not good, weak digestion elderly or children to eat. Recommended duration: three to seventh.

(T BONE): the T-bone steak is on the back of bull ridge flesh, large pieces of steak sandwiched between T shaped bone, one side is Philip, while New York passengers, succulent tender a rough one, or oil or sweet Shuang Li, eat a little to get. Recommended temperature: five to eight minutes cooked.

Rib Eye Steak (RIB EYE): from the rib ridge site, which is on the edge of the meat bones. Rib eye steak perhaps not so tender but lumbar meat, meat bone side has always been good, oil tender shredded meat with Q and strong oil than sirloin ribs, chewy, orientvest force gouwei, and oil is very rich, is popular with young male patrons love. Recommended heat: four to six minutes cooked.

Niu Xiaopai: beef from cattle chest on both sides, with some ribs. Niu Xiaopai bone with rib meat rich delicious, juicy and chewy, marbled, especially the use of cattle sixth, seven ribs, wow, eat 7 small so how to eat authentic pinch, tender but not astringent, the amount of meat rich cooked meat, even shy diners can enjoy happy, create more offbeat charm the beef steak. Recommended temperature: fully cooked.

in addition to the above varieties, on the table there are common parts of the plate like cattle scapular tendon meat, rib eye, heart on the shoulder part of the tripe belly, rump, although these parts of succulent coarse fibers, can match the above varieties.


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