In the new era of

, it is no longer uncommon for women to start a business, and more and more entrepreneurs have won the recognition of the world. It is important for women to start their own businesses and find the right projects. What are the best choices for women?

female entrepreneurial project selection: pet shop

beautiful beauty salon: such as repair hair, perm repair claws and tail. Cats and dogs and other common pet business first, and then slowly expand to other pets, in order to become bigger and stronger. The location of the best shops in the vicinity of the park, the public square or pet hospital, to attempt to rally". Now, with the emergence of urban DINK and elderly empty nest phenomenon, "a pet in the family has become a city of fashion. According to forecasts, the next 10 years, China’s number of "Kazakhstan pet family" will show a geometric growth. The pet market prospects bright.

female entrepreneurial project selection: lovers gift shop

the project establishment conditions similar to ordinary boutique, but the operating style is different, its business focus more on a feeling word, should be both practical and let people feel warm and warm. In addition, the market survey is also very important, the couple gifts are closely followed by fashion, do not understand the needs of consumers and blind self management and development is likely to lead to poor sales.

female entrepreneurial project selection: Green cleaners

by chemical content of Green formula after detergent washing powder is lower than normal, without any damage to the clothing is also harmless to the human body, is one the country’s green technology. Green dry cleaning shop just a good quality ironing machine 3000 yuan and an ordinary washing machine can be 800 yuan. Washing raw materials 200 yuan local shops can be purchased, the formula is easy to learn, with a good proportion can operate.

female entrepreneurial project selection:

cosmetics shop

1) location: near the bus station, near the district; 2) Investment: starting capital of $500 thousand, the general location of a better store rent of about 2>

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