in response to entrepreneurial JAC Anhui organizations at all levels are actively helping young people to achieve innovation and Entrepreneurship Program, with the help of the policy, innovation and entrepreneurship work better, with higher quality.

"Entrepreneurship Forum" by inviting entrepreneurs, experts and scholars, to teach entrepreneurship skills, interpretation of entrepreneurship policy, explore entrepreneurship, financing analysis of hot points, effectively guide the youth entrepreneurship and innovation. Last year, the provincial Party committee has held 23 games in the University of the University of entrepreneurship in the field of activities, attracting more than 8800 college students to participate in the field of interaction.   104 colleges and universities held a typical report of college students will be held in the field of 489, participating students up to 192 thousand people.

2016 of Anhui innovation and entrepreneurship opportunity is to have triggered at any moment, for entrepreneurs, nanny business services, awesome policy support, to achieve the entrepreneurial dream easily.


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