the current market has a lot of entrepreneurial ideas, but these ideas in the end is feasible, and whether it can really help investors get rich, naturally we need to carry out specific analysis. So, do breakfast distribution business market? Let Xiaobian to you.

choose to open a restaurant distribution center in the district have no market? How much execution? QQ group of users of this view…… For users of this entrepreneurial ideas, small series from the perspective of the network survey, industry experts, such as the idea of the feasibility of the analysis.


group of friends each one sticks to his argument

and a group of friends to "late Wealth Online" QQ group of friends to the title of Li Zhilin wanted to open a breakfast distribution center in the District, no business experience to friends he wants to consult.

the consent of Li Zhilin, he will press the idea to "late Wealth Online" QQ group forum, as of 2 pm yesterday, a total of 216 people browse the posts, 25 of netizens expressed their views. A group of friends, according to the support or opposition, each one sticks to his argument, the publication is part of the recommendations of friends.

support side lazy business has a market

grew up minors: good idea, we must first give the cell to be able to operate, to see what kind of community is the main crowd, etc..

bud: good idea. Can be issued every household leaflets. Print the type and price of the breakfast in detail, leave the phone and address. According to the small, middle and old people to provide a variety of food. In fact, do not have to ask a lot of workers, such as their parents if there is time to help ah. District should have an elevator, so that breakfast will not be very tired.

Mei: Yes, but be sure to pay attention to breakfast nutrition.

: operation of urban monster can also suggest the contents of all the earlier printed menus, let users advance reservations for breakfast every day the content and delivery time (disguised as people get the service), so as to avoid large problems need users to call every day and send in the reservation for breakfast, can once sending multiple users.

God’s mission: good idea, the key is to see what business model you use, how to manage? How many hands? Everyone should have a good meal, but there is one thing you have to understand – how to prepare the breakfast diet, how to be more nutritious? Can not be too simple, health can not be a little sloppy.

spirit: this should be resolved

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