Shop name can be added to the name of the territory of the city

shop how to play a better name, which has been plagued by numerous people in the current, and the country in this piece is also a constant introduction of a variety of laws and regulations. In the future, the shop name preceded by "Hefei city" city name like will not be restricted; family residence, leased houses can be used as business premises. Reporters yesterday from the Hefei municipal labor and Social Security Bureau, the city before the introduction of the new deal, to encourage people to become self-employed, or the founder of private enterprises. read more

Teach you how to improve children’s clothing sales

‘s hot market for a large number of entrepreneurs to see the business opportunities, for entrepreneurs, this is a good time to invest, now good opportunities will create more wealth for you more plump, first joined the entrepreneurs, only when you have mastered the right skills, in order to many stores in the Tao Tao bear children so now the whole network of talent shows itself, Xiaobian to introduce some about how to improve the sales success of knowledge.

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What are the conditions required to invest in beauty chain stores

many investors want to open a chain of beauty stores, but this kind of shop is not to say that the opening can be opened, it has some requirements for franchisees. For example, technology and capital, etc., if you meet the conditions of the investment shop can be successful investment, specific analysis, please see below.

a, technology

In order to open a good amateur

beauty chain stores have a certain degree of difficulty, investors they have the best professional beauty franchise knowledge, understand the beauty franchise style and fingering, and intellectual beauty franchise supplies. Therefore, it is recommended that investors do not rush to start a business, you can go to a larger chain of beauty franchise to join the study, access to beauty chain franchise certificate, to understand the general management and operation. If investors have already started operating expertise and he didn’t understand the beauty of franchise, it would need to find a trusted professional investor beauty chain stores, with joint venture investors. read more

Suining Chicken home to lead the villagers to a well off

entrepreneurship can not only activate the regional economic development potential, but also with the future trend of China’s industrial development to match. Suining city in order to attract foreign drift home to return to business, tailored to a number of good policies to achieve the ultimate goal of entrepreneurship to promote everyone to get rich.

"work outside all year round, really homesick. Before the love culture in the home, after returning home, I decided to choose the mountain chicken breeding." The day before, the reporter saw in Linghai Zhao Decai Chai Shan Gou Cun Huai Pengxi County, see the growth of the Yellow Mountain is on the hillside behind him. read more

Two girls turn sugar cake shop favorite

on college students, women entrepreneurs, many people are not optimistic, because their own strength is weak, limited experience, the success rate is not high. However, in this one, there are not many young entrepreneurs, college students entrepreneurial success. Here’s a story to share. Two college girls turn sugar cake shop to win love and profit.

in Jiangbei red Ding international office, opened a small shop, they specifically designed for guests to turn sugar cake, in micro-blog, this shop is also a little famous. Walked into the shop to shop is two female college students, they make a cake, a coffee, and these are their knowledge after graduation. read more

Personalized mouse pad market demand 4 years earned a profit of 1 million 700 thousand

entrepreneurship, need to be good at discovering business opportunities. Today, as many college students sigh employment is not easy, make money difficult, a only read two years of Technical School of the northwest girl, but from the E fashion found business opportunities in just 4 years to earn a total of 1 million 700 thousand! Personalized mouse pad designed by her

1999 years after graduating from technical school, after the recommendation, Liu Yufen into, a Taiwanese run handbag factory in Shanghai. She studied at the technical school is art and design, I did not expect, and finally did a factory in the no one is willing to do the glue". In the hot shop, Liu Yufen covered with glue and dander overalls often close to the body, let her down, but she never complained.

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How to open a full Sichuan food shop

joined Sichuan to take food as the current most investment potential of the characteristics of catering delicacy project, is a classic project choice for many small entrepreneurs, open to take food stores is the choice of many people, but to take food stores everywhere today, how to successfully open a full run food stores.?

first run food stores must be recognized by the consumer after the product quality and then do advertising, simply to ensure that the rate of return, and then to promote. There are five reasons: first, the taste of the product is not good, to promote more easily smashing signs; second, the store staff is not enough, the more consumers, the quality is not guaranteed, the more easily lost people; third, take food stores to pick up service to keep up with enthusiasm, there is no rigid face repeat; fourth, to ensure clean sanitation, health and safety and health so that consumers can feel, will have a reputation; fifth, not your taste, not only to save the cost required to process food, standardized management, to avoid the unstable taste. read more

Ezhou municipal government to support local enterprises two venture

enterprise two venture refers to a mature enterprise after entering the development bottleneck, in order to find a new breakthrough in the development of a series of changes within the enterprise. The increasingly fierce market competition, so that more and more enterprises to start the two business plan.

10 26, party secretary Li Bing, mayor Ye Xianlin led the relevant departments responsible person has to Chengchao iron ore pellet plant of Ezhou and on-site office, coordinate and solve the localization problem become the development of enterprises registered independent legal person after the full support of two enterprises create brilliant achievements. read more