Shanghai dragon Er extrusion pieces of time will adhere to do what work every day

each article is part of the ocean of knowledge, only constantly updated to attract users increase, attract spider. The user you ultimately want is to open the site, content or service. Because of this demand, the website can continue to progress, retain customers, achieve profitability. The spider is the same, it will be more focused on your site, if your station does not update, spiders can’t eat the new food. Update the number, there is no fixed number of articles, as long as their good habits. read more

The content page optimization how to attract user attention

second, the maximum conversion rate through the analysis of different details of the upgrade product. We know that the final purpose of the site optimization is to bring the profit for the enterprise, the products will be the most valuable products in the most prominent position, and appropriate for the main products to write some high quality articles, this is in order to enhance the website conversion rate to do the best way, because you are to enhance the conversion rate is users in some aspects of attention, pay attention to your company, approved a direct manifestation of your products. read more